Recent Sermon11/28/2021

Sunday Worship: November 28, 2021


Usually our pastors preach through a particular book (or extended section) of the Bible explaining each successive passage week to week. This helps us understand the context of each message better by seeing how each passage fits together with the others. Occasionally, they might preach a series of passages that are related topically.
We are currently doing a 12-week series entitled "In Light of Love"-- a study in the books of 1, 2, & 3 John. John was known as the “disciple Jesus loved”.  His life was profoundly transformed by the love of Jesus. The love of Jesus ought to transform our lives in a similar way.  The love of God revealed in Christ is the driving force behind everything it means to be a follower of Jesus and yet the life a Christians more than simply know “Jesus loves me”.  We have to understand the implications of that love. We have to know how truth and righteousness interact with that love. Put simply, the Christian life means living in light of Christ’s love.
In this sermon series we explore that theme as we examine John’s letters. The majority of the series focuses on 1 John with a quick look at the very brief letters of 2 John and 3 John as well. In so doing we will plumb the depths of God’s incredible love for us and consider how that love ought to change our lives just as it did for John. 


Sermons at HBBC start with God’s Word. Our pastors start by studying a passage of scripture. They then explain the specific meaning of that passage and how the ideas it contains can apply to our lives. The sermons help us understand and apply the Bible, but the power of the message comes from God. This kind of preaching also helps us learn to read and understand the Bible for ourselves. To listen to previous Bible messages you can access our entire sermon archive