Huzzah! Vacation Bible School (June 12th-14th) is right around the corner!

Who we are

We’re a group of imperfect people who love Jesus and believe the Bible is God’s Word. Together we’re learning to live out God’s mission for our lives. If you’re interested in what God wants for your life we’d love for you to come and learn alongside us.

Our mission

Hastings Berean Bible Church exists to honor God by the making and growing of more disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our core values


Exalting God individually and corporately honors our Lord and connects us to Him.


Actively depending on the Lord through prayer is critical to experiencing the life He's called us to.


Helping each other continue to learn to be more like Jesus is part of following Him.


Being part of God's community means we love each other and build one another up through meaningful relationships.


Our love for Jesus compels us to introduce Him to those next door and those around the world.

Why Berean?

The early church

In the early church the people of the city of Berea were celebrated for their desire to learn the truth about God from Scripture (Acts 17:11). We want to be like them. Our desire is to learn the truth about God and how to live out His mission. This is reflected in our commitment to the clear preaching and teaching of God’s Word.

The Berean Fellowship

The Berean Fellowship’s mission is to plant and strengthen churches to make disciples to reach the world. At Hastings Berean Bible Church, we share in that mission by encouraging other Berean churches and supporting the Fellowship’s worldwide church planting efforts. You can learn more about the Berean Fellowship at their website